Ruby on Rails freelance webdeveloper in Linz, Österreich

You are looking for a Ruby on Rails developer to create a prototype of your new idea, or to join your small team remotely? Or did you run into an emergency and need help quick? Read the resume and send me an email.

My first steps into webdevlopment were back in 2001, focusing on building and maintaining applications, In 2001 I started programming in PHP, released a simple text-file based blog-software (it’s still on sourceforge) before moving on to Ruby on Rails in 2007. This is now my main focus, sprinkled in with databases, front-end and server admin.

In 2018 I started working on a personal project: Budget-Fox (german: Budgetfuchs) which is a personal budgeting webapp with focus on collaboration (think couples and families) and double-entry accounting in the back.

Noch ein persönliches Projekt habe ich im April 2019 gestartet, der Checklisten Guru entstand aus einer unvollständigen To-Do App aus dem Vorjahr und soll Checklisten als Vorlagen für jeden Lebensbereich bieten.

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