Show Battery percentage in your terminal PS1

08 July 2017 • Tags: linuxshellPS1minimalismlaptop

If you are a minimalist like me your desktop will be clean of any distractions. No Dock like on OSX, no task bar or status bar, a maximum the program windows have borders.

This minimalism, while satisfying leads to a larger need for information about your system, in the case of a laptop that’s just one information, sorry, two if you want the time as well, that you need to access regularly: The battery. Even my X240 occassionally needs some juice.

My favourite command-line programm to get the battery status is acpi but if you can extract the necessary information any other program will do just as fine for my little helpful setup.

Where I show the battery status is the one place I have constantly running, a terminal window. And to show it I (ab)use is PS1 and here’s how:

function battery_percentage {
  echo `acpi -b|cut -d',' -f2|cut -d' ' -f2"`
PS1="\A \$(battery_percentage) $ "

The result looks like this:

13:37 42% $

Add the code into your .profile to make it stick.