This is an list of companies and clients I worked for. You are invited to join them, contact me if you have an idea and the funds to realize it. I do offer reasonable rates for prototypes and I’m open to low rates if some equity is part of it.

Velodrom stock management app started April 2022

Back to programming, pro bono I work on a Ruby on Rails app to manage the events and hand-outs of track bikes for the new Velodrom in Linz.

Bike mechanic (October 2022 - May 2022)

Need a break from programming and turn a hooby into a job, first servicing hundreds of e-Bikes for a rental company and in Spring worked in a regular bike repair shop.

Netural GmbH (Senior Webdeveloper, Jan 2020 - July 2021

Migration between AWS accounts, and then further development of a Ruby on Rails webshop system, for some clients this included a legacy PHP shop which I also migrated.

TeamEcho (Growth Hacker, 2018/19)

Something new for a change, half a year of growth hacking with a few small successes.

Naiku (2010 until 2018, Ruby On Rails, nodejs)

Delivered the prototype for their assessment platform and kept on going. It is used by teachers across the USA to create tests for their students who get their feedback much faster if not instantly than with traditional paper tests. Not a unicorn but a solid success with interesting aspects devop-wise like a short peaks of traffic during the school day. I was able to use my full skill-set: Ruby on Rails, node.js, MongoDB, front-end development with backbone.js and learned a lot about AWS where my decades of using Linux on my personal machine came quite handy.

lomography (2017), Ruby on Rails)

It’s very rare to return to a company after 9 years, I did. Didn’t find any of my 2008 code yet :(

A Song a Day (2017, Ruby On Rails)

A small project for music lovers (like myself) that needed some TLC after being dormant for some months.

Bittex (2017, Ruby On Rails)

A 24hr rescue mission after the original developer went AWOL. Besides moving/restoring everything from backup to a new server I improved a few things.

Ahima reports (2016, Ruby On Rails)

A small side-project with the Naiku team. Generate reports (both HTML and PDF) from student results.

Schoolcamp (2010, Ruby On Rails)

Basically Basecamp for schools, sadly the project got scrapped after the initial testing phase.

garmz early 2010, Ruby On Rails

A now folded startup in the fashion business. The first client I’ve delivered a mongodb backend for which sadly got replaced when I left after the initial phase in Vienna before they moved to London. (2009, web development)

Not a ruby job, but none-the-less interesting it was to work in a conglomerate of companies from high-level web development over webdesign to advertising and magazine editorials. My work revolved around a webmail and SMS application for TelCos.

adva-cma (2009)

An early Ruby on Rails framework I did develop various features for

opntables (2009, Ruby on Rails)

Aggregator, offline nowadays but the code still lives on github

lomography community website (summer 2008, Ruby On Rails)

Vienna is certainly a vibrant city and the three months with the lomo team are something to remember. I did misc tasks, from getting the performance up (2008 ruby/apache meant regular restarts for the leaking app processes!) to new features. (early 2008, Ruby On Rails)

Working on the Albert Embankment next to the iconic MI6 building and watching the sun set between the towers of Battersea power station makes you almost think that coding for a large business directory is work. The first weeks I got the test suite back running again. (2007)

Advertising agency with a web design department. My first contact with AJAX

subnet (2007)

One of those small culture support organisations that popped up in the 90s. Worked on various projects, including a first Rails app that turned into a complete failure.

personal projects

  • Before I knew what a blog was I wrote a blogging software in PHP, hello 2001:
  • plasticairships was one of my more mature rails projects in 2008
  • You think 4ormat but I remember which I created back in 2008 to aggregate my flickr photos into a nice looking website