Born in 1982 in the Bavarian alps, studied at University of Salzburg before professional work drew me in. In those years I was an active Wikipedia admin, published a bi-weekly PDF magazine and many more things. I started programming in the last 90ies, enjoyed writing small websites in PHP before moving on to Ruby on Rails and larger web applications.

Besides work I enjoy programming small video games, making electronics projects (arduino, ESP8266, IoT, etc), photography, crochet, and recently started sailing. In 2015 life changed with our first child.

To learn more about my previous work and projects, have a look at my clients.

If you are interested in me working for you, I have a wide range of private projects, from web-apps to mobile games and some dating back to 2001, of which I’m willing to share the codebase in confidiality. This should allow you to get a good impression of my work and style.

My skillset includes but is not limited to:

  • Ruby on Rails since 2007
  • Javascript, Coffeescript, jQuery, nodejs, backbonejs, responsive design, some angularjs …
  • Amazon EC2 (e.g. autoscaling)
  • Apache, nginx and all that server stuff
  • git (since 2008)
  • scrum, agile development
  • Python, Lua, some C (Arduino, IoT, ESP8266 and C# (Unity3D)
  • running a hackerspace (together with awesome people)
  • Linux which I first installed in 1998 or 1997 and returned to in 2014 after a decade on Macs.