Born in 1982 in the Berchtesgaden, studied at University of Salzburg before professional work drew me in. In those years I was an active Wikipedia admin, published a bi-weekly PDF magazine. I started programming still in school in the late 90ies, enjoyed writing small websites in PHP before moving on to Ruby on Rails and larger web applications. In 2015 life changed a lot with the birth of my daughter.

Besides work, in no particular order, I enjoy reading, boardgames, making electronics projects (arduino, ESP8266, IoT, etc), photography, anything related to bicycles including long rides beyond 200km, crochet, sewing, woodworking, metalwork and paint, and in the past sailing.

To learn more about my previous work and projects, have a look at my clients.

If you are interested in me working for you, I have a wide range of private projects, from web-apps to mobile games and some dating back to 2001, of which I’m willing to share the codebase in confidiality. This should allow you to get a good impression of my work and style.

My skillset includes but is not limited to:

  • Ruby on Rails since 2007 both for work and personal projects
  • Test driven development with a preference for RSpec, occasionally using minitest
  • Javascript, Coffeescript, jQuery, nodejs, backbonejs, some angularjs and vuejs, and many more
  • CSS, SASS, responsive webdesign for different screen sizes, HTML, HAML (still love it)
  • MongoDB, postgres, MySQL
  • exporting data into various formats like xml, json, csv, xls, pdf, …
  • importing data from cvs, json, xml variants, …
  • Linux user since 1998 with a decade long break on macs
  • Amazon serices like
    • EC2 (Autoscaling), Elastic Beanstalk, EKS, Lambda
    • RDS, S3, Cloudfront, ElastiCache, Redis, EBS
    • Route 53, VPC, Elastic Load Balancer, SNS
    • firm knowledge of aws-cli and how to automate user triggered processes like backups, creating resources, use of snapshots for various things
    • I use aws-vault to store credentials
  • Setting up and administrating Apache, nginx, Docker, kubernetes, letsencrypt
  • running and maintaining my down mailserver using mailcow
  • git (since 2008), SCRUM, GPG
  • mosquito (mqtt)
  • PHP, Python, Lua, some C on Arduino, IoT, ESP8266 and C# (Unity3D)
  • scrum, agile development, and test driven development; even some of my private project have a decent test coverage
  • LaTeX, Scribus, general wordpressing and presentations
  • helped running the local hackerspace, served as treasurer in the first year