Google Chart in Ruby

15 December 2007 • Tags: rubyGoogle Chart

Google chart I stumbled accross (well, let’s say it was on delicious popular) about gchartrb which is a Ruby API for Google Charts and the only place to work it into was my good old

The examples from the API are quite simple and when I tried to do a chart for the last twenty days I was in big trouble. Here’s my source which uses some rarely used Date methods and by far to many collects. Basically I get my models data, create a hash with date-keys, fill it up, sort it (afterwards it’s an array for some reason) and for the two axis I collect and max on the array.

stats = MyModel.find(:all, :group => 'date', :order => 'created_at ASC',
    :select => ['count(id) as count, DATE_FORMAT(created_at, "%Y-%m-%d") as date'], 
    :conditions => ' created_at > from_unixtime(unix_timestamp() - 3600*24*21)')
  unless stats.empty?
    @dates = {}
    Date.parse(stats[0].date).upto({|d| @dates[d.strftime('%Y-%m-%d')] = 0 }
    stats.collect { |c| @dates[] = c.count.to_i }
    @dates = @dates.sort{|a,b| a[0] <=> b[0]} # note, it's an array from here on
    #  d[0][8,2] for day only. d[0][5,5] for month and day
    @chart ='700x100', "", :vertical, true)
    @chart.axis :x, :labels => @dates.collect{|d| d[0][8,2] }, :alignment => :left
    @chart.axis :y, :range => [0, @dates.max{|a,b| a[1] <=> b[1]}[1]]
    @chart.grid "", @dates.collect{|d| d[1]}, '55CC88' 

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